महाराष्ट्रात मुलींसाठी मोफत उच्च शिक्षण योजना, 642 कोर्सेसचा समावेश | Free Higher Education for Girls

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Free higher education for girls after 12th

Free higher education for girls: The result of class 12th has been declared and now admission for higher education will start soon. Often the tuition fees have to be paid at the time of admission. But, for the first time after the code of conduct Cabinet takes final decision on ‘free higher education for girls’ Anyway, it is certain that girls will also get admission. But, it is being said that on which girls (caste category) this decision will be applicable and what will be the income condition, this decision will be taken in the cabinet itself. More information on this topicMahabharat officers reach on time Click here to download the mobile app to your mobile immediately.

20 lakh girls will benefit (free higher education for girls)

MisterThe state government has taken a big decision for girls. 20 lakh girls across the state who are pursuing higher education after class XII will now get free education through the government.

It includes 642 courses including engineering, medical, pharmacy. For this, the state government is going to bear a burden of Rs 1800 crore every year. This decision will be implemented from this academic year (2024-25).

The fees for 642 courses will be paid through the government. Maharashtra Government announced free higher education

The main objective of this decision is to bring girls into the educational stream. After class 12th, many talented girls have to leave school due to family financial difficulties. On the other hand, since they cannot afford further higher education, many parents marry their girls after class 12th. Therefore, it is true that the number of girls pursuing higher education after class 12th is decreasing. However, now the state government has found a concrete way and the government itself will pay the fees of 642 courses of higher education.

The decision applies only to girls

The percentage of girls’ education should be increased, child marriage will be stopped because they cannot afford higher education. This decision of the state government will be applicable only for girls. This decision will be historic for about 20 lakh girls of higher colleges affiliated to the university. The problem of not being able to get higher education due to financial constraints despite being intelligent is now going to be solved forever.

Final decision in cabinet

About 20 lakh girls pursuing higher education in the state will get the opportunity to study 642 courses completely free of cost. Currently, half the fees of these courses are paid through the government, but now the entire fees will be paid by the state government. A decision has been taken in the cabinet sub-committee in that regard. Now the final decision will be taken in the cabinet and this decision will be taken in the first cabinet after the Lok Sabha code of conduct ends. Therefore, it has been told that it will be implemented from the current academic year itself.

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