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D.Ed, D.T.Ed Teacher Bharti Update – After the 12th result, DED admissions have now started. The admission process is conducted through the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT).’SCERTOpportunity has been given to apply on the website. There are 34 D.Ed colleges in the district. These include 3 government, 1 aided and 28 private unaided colleges. Students who are interested in becoming teachers will be able to take admission there.


The annual tuition fee of a government aided college is Rs 3,000, while the annual fee of private colleges is between Rs 12,000 and Rs 20,000. Students will have to choose their preference of colleges while applying. After the last date of application, the documents will be verified and then students will get direct admission in colleges according to their percentage. For this, a message will be sent through ‘e-mail’ regarding which college the student has got in the first round.

English not compulsory in class 11, 12; will be considered a ‘foreign language’ in Maharashtra, what are the new recommendations?

Students can apply for ‘D.Ed’ through ‘SCERT’ website

49.50 percent for open category and 44.50 percent for backward class

In aided colleges the fees are Rs 3,000 per year while in private colleges the fees range from Rs 12,000 to Rs 20,000.

There are 34 colleges in the district, of which three are government, one aided and 28 unaided

such is the current situation

For open category students, 49.50 per cent marks are required. While for backward class students, the cutoff is 44.50 per cent marks. For the last few years, students are not being found for D.Ed, thousands of seats are lying vacant and many colleges have had to be closed. The situation is the same in the district. However, officials have expressed confidence that since the recruitment of teachers has been going on for two years, this year admissions will be done according to the capacity of D.Ed.

For seniority of teachers in private schools, the Maharashtra Private Schools (Conditions of Service) Rules, 1981 have been amended to include graduate D.Ed teachers in category C. Therefore, D.Ed teachers who have to stay away from promotions despite increasing educational qualifications have got a big relief. More information about Pavitra Portal Teacher Bharti 2023.


Due to the new education policy, all D.Ed. colleges will be closed from the academic session 2023-24, although there is a discussion that the college will be closed from the academic session 2023-24, but there is no government order in this regard. However, a four-year course will be started after 12th in government colleges for B.Ed. All D.Ed. colleges in the state are in discussion among students and parents that the college will be closed from the upcoming academic year; but there is no government order in this regard. ‘In the new education policy, D.Ed. colleges will continue till 2028 and after that they will be given a chance to convert to B.Ed. This means D.Ed. It has been wrongly taken that the colleges will be closed’, Madhuri Savarkar, Deputy Director of Maharashtra State Council of Educational and Research in Pune has already clarified, Jalgaon District Aahar Principal Anil Zope told.


Principal of KCE College of Education and Physical Education Ashok Rane has 12 D.Ed colleges in Jalgaon district. It was told that registration takes place after the 12th result is out. D.Ed. Rane also said that there is no government order to close the college.

There are many reasons for the decrease in the number of students taking admission in D.Ed in the last few years. There has been no appointment of new teachers in the last eight-nine years. There was a delay in adjusting additional teachers. TET examination and aptitude test have reduced the interest in D.Ed. Earlier there were 34 D.Ed colleges in Jalgaon district. Later some were closed and the number of students in some decreased.

Bed. 4 years old

The new education policy has suggested major changes in line with B.Ed. As per the twelfth pass, B.Sc. B.Ed., B.A., B.Ed. and B.Com., B.Ed. This is a four-year integrated course. Initially, these courses will be in government colleges. Private or aided educational institutions have not yet got permission. There is no government college in Jalgaon district. UMVI has 28 B.Ed colleges, with a student strength of 1600. Two-year B.Ed. Principal Ashok Rane also said that this will continue till 2030.

CET for B.Ed from today…

CET exam for B.Ed has been conducted at Raisoni College, KCE IMR College, Godavari Engineering College and Paladhi centers in Jalgaon district. D. 23 to D. 25 The exam is conducted during April. The exam result will be declared after the date.


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According to the new education policy, the stages of teacher training in the state are going to change. According to this, the D.Ed course which has been preparing teachers for years will be closed. Instead, to become a teacher, one will have to do a four-year B.Ed course. After passing 12th, many people become teachers in primary school by doing D.Ed course. Now D.Ed colleges are going to be closed in the state. This four-year B.Ed integrated course can be done after passing 12th. A student who has completed a three-year bachelor’s degree can pursue a two-year B.Ed integrated course; a student who has completed a four-year degree or has completed a postgraduate (master) course can do a one-year B.Ed integrated course to become a teacher. After the changes in the new education policy by the central government a few months ago, now it is going to be implemented in the state. Keeping in mind the changing educational requirements in the future, this integrated course includes new techniques as well as new things in pedagogy, as well as practical training will also be provided in this course.


Earlier, there was a trend of doing D.Ed course after 12th and then getting a job. After a large number of students turned to this course, D.Ed colleges were started in the state. These included private, non-aided colleges. However, many colleges were closed due to reasons like TET examination, stopping of teacher recruitment etc.


In the current education system, to become a teacher in Zila Parishad schools (primary), one has to do a two-year D.Ed after 12th. B.Ed is mandatory for teachers in secondary and higher secondary schools. However, according to the new National Education Policy, to become a teacher, students will have to do ‘B.Ed’ by taking education as a four-year degree course after 12th. There will be specialization in this. An important update is coming for the candidates preparing for teacher recruitment. These changes are being made according to the new education policy. According to this, there will now be a four-year integrated B.Ed degree course to become a teacher. With these new changes, the D.Ed. course that has already started is expected to be closed.

The state government has approved the implementation of the new National Education Policy of the Central Government. Accordingly, the new National Education Policy will be implemented in all non-agricultural universities of the state from June 2023-24. While completing the four-year degree course, during the last semester, students have to do internship and internship for six months in the field of their interest. After this he can do a job or business. At present, all non-agricultural universities have prepared the course structure.

The Academic Council has also approved it and the training of professors has also been completed. The meeting of Punyashlok Ahilya Devi Holkar Solapur University will be held on April 5 in which the new educational policy will be approved. The pattern of the National Education Policy is going to be applicable only to students taking admission in new degrees after 12th. This pattern will not be applicable to current learners.

As per the new education policy…

  • – 3 year degree will now become 4 year degree and after that one can directly do PhD.
  • -Students will be free to choose subjects and a student of one course can take another subject.
  • – After one year you will get a certificate, after two years you will get a diploma certificate and after three years you will get a degree certificate.
  • – After four years, a degree with honours or degree with research is awarded; PhD is possible only if research is done.
  • – After completion of five years, you will get Master’s degree and even if there is a gap, you can take admission after two-three years.
  • – The sessional mode of examination will remain, but the gradation (score credit) system will be based on ‘CBCS’ pattern and not on percentage.


7 years duration to complete the degree

According to the current education policy, the time limit to complete a three-year degree is five years. But, according to the new National Education Policy, students have been given seven years to complete the degree course. At the same time, ‘PG’ students can do B.Ed in one year. While degree holders will need two years and four years for B.Ed after 12th. There is no ‘DED’ in the new policy. To become a primary and secondary teacher, one has to do ‘B.Ed’. But while selecting the subject, the subject can be taken from the one who wants to become a teacher.

For seniority of teachers in private schools, Maharashtra Private School (Conditions of Service) Rules 1981 have been amended in 1981 and inclusion of graduate D.Ed teachers in category C has been gazetted. In such a situation, D.Ed teachers who were kept away from promotion despite increasing educational qualification have got a big relief.

Guidelines regarding seniority and promotion are given in Rule 12 of Schedule ‘F’ of the Maharashtra Private Schools (Conditions of Service) Rules, 1981. Seniority of secondary school teachers is given category wise. However, D.Ed teachers were not included in any category. The result was that even if D.Ed teachers obtained master’s degree, they were still lagging behind in seniority.


They were not getting promotions to the posts of supervisor, vice principal and principal. To remove that injustice, D.Ed teachers tried to awaken the government through various organizations. Many people knocked the door of the court. Everywhere the seniority list is prepared according to the date of appointment and promotion is given accordingly. Similarly, D.Ed teachers should also be given. This is their important demand.

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