धर्मादाय कार्यालयातील निम्मी पदे रिक्त – Dharmaday Ayuktalay Kolhapur Bharti

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In the office of Public Trust Registration and Assistant Charity Commissioner, 15 out of 31 sanctioned posts are vacant, causing continuous disruption in the functioning. One of the two important posts in the vacancies is the post of Assistant Charity Commissioner. There is additional workload on the available officers and employees. GovtTayari Officials Get All Other Updates Regarding This Recruitment Timely Govttayari.

If you want to start a social organization then it will have to be registered with the Charity Commissioner's office. Trusts will have to be established for institutions like temples, monasteries, public Ganesh, Durga Devi Mandal etc. After this it will have to be duly registered in the charity office. Apart from this, registration of organizations, submission of change reports, filing of audit of organizations etc. are all done through this office.


Judicial work on various subjects of regular institutions is also done in this office. The process of election of trustees or executive boards of charitable organizations has to be done by the organization after a certain period of time. The organization will have to file the list of names of new directors with the office of the Charity Commissioner after the election. If any officer or member of the Executive Board resigns or dies, then the concerned organization is obliged to inform the Charity Commissioner's office about the appointment of a new person to his vacant place. Since the post of Assistant Charity Commissioner has been vacant for the last few months, many problems are arising in this office. There are two officers responsible for one officer. Besides, the post of Administrative Officer is also vacant. One out of two posts is vacant in Stenographer Junior category. There are 3 vacant posts out of 8 posts of Inspector, 3 vacant posts out of 5 posts of Senior Clerk, 5 vacant posts out of 8 posts of Clerk and 1 vacant post out of 2 posts of Order Bearer. Due to vacancy in the post, their work is limited. Many citizens have to travel frequently across the district for work.


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